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    • Vorkaths home area first server to have the mimic boss  first server to have elf city (prifddinas)  Wintertodt
    • Step 1). Locate the "Wizard" at home (edgeville), then select the "Slayer" skill and select your Slayer master, Turael or Mazchna. Step 2). Once you get combat level 40, Move onto Vannaka Slayer Master. Step 3.) Do enough Slayer Tasks from Vannaka to get you level 70 Combat in order to move onto the next Slayer Master. The Slayer Master After Vannaka is Chaeldar (fairy).   Step 4). You will need to do tasks for Chaeldar until you reach Combat level 85. Step 5). Once you reach 85 Combat Level, you may move onto the next Master who is, Nieve. Step 6). you will need some decent gear because tasks from about here on out will be relatively harder then the previous masters. Step 7). Do enough tasks from Nieve to get level 100 Combat. Step 8). Once you get 100 combat level you will want to teleport to Duradel. When you first teleport to Duradel you will need to, Climb up the ladder.   Walk across the Bridge. And finally once you get onto the other side, you will have found the last.. but not least of the Slayer Master's.. Duradel! Step 9). He is the last Slayer Master for Members, Level 100 combat required. You may do tasks from Duradel until 99 slayer or you can donate and do tasks from the Donator Slayer Master. Konar quo Maten. She is the Donator Slayer Guide. (members can teleport but cant access her). This is the End of the Guide, just wanted to show you guys the Masters and the Order you can do them in.    
    • Hello Vorkathians, @Hoax has recently added 181 data allowing us to add full Elf City, Prif, mimic boss content for you guys. With this addition comes alot of testing with ids of objects and npcs changing with the revision update to 181. We will be hosting a bug testing event where you guys will have the chance to use discord to report bugs for our developers to quickly go through them. The objective of the event is to report the most bugs within discord. All of the bugs reported will be read through, counted and we will pick the top 3 bug testers who post the most (legitimate) bugs. Bugs that are not on topic or are just "trolls" will be removed.    Bug Testing Event: Start date 10/1/19, End Date 10/4/19 How to report bug:  In discord "general chat" use the following format example to post the bug.  ?bug Grizzly bears dont count towards bears slayer task To post the bug correctly remember to use ?bug and then your bug after   Rewards: The top three players to report the most legitimated bugs through discord will be rewarded the following: 1st Place: 5 mystery boxes and 3m in-game cash 2 Place: 3 mystery boxes  and 2m in-game cash 3 Place: 2 mystery boxes and 1m in-game cash                      
    • It's Sup Brooski and my client won't load making me unable to play the server. would like some help again please.
    • Champion 😄
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