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    • Patch Notes #15: 10/31/2019 - Otto godblessed, Raids rewards and bugs  1. All items in the Sigmund shop are now unlimited amounts  2. Anglerfishing spots added  3. Piscarillis shoreline teleport added  4. Cave horrors now count towards slayer task  5. Basilisk knights now count towards your basilisk slayer task  6. Otto Godblessed will now exchange a zammy spear for a zammy hasta for 10m  7. Rewrote the raids reward system
    • Patch Notes #14: 10/28/2019 - Fixes, Raids rework, Brimstone keys and Larran's keys  1. Mac moved to home area  2. Pet insurance moved to home  3. The following items were added to the main shop     - Black d'hide body     - Black d'hide chaps     - Uncharged glory     - Magic shortbow     - Rune arrows     - Replaced dragon darts with rune     - Mage arena capes     - Monkfish     - Sea turtles     - Monkfish     - Super attack potions     - Super strength potions     - Super defence potions     - Ranging potions     - Magic potions     - Super antipoison potions  4. Revenants now drop 1-75 ether per kill  5. Vorkath teleport added to the teleporter  6. Inferno waves not spawning npcs fixed  7. Quest tab revamped  8. New Vorkath launcher  9. New client background  10. New rank icons for Zenyte and Eternal ranks  11. New home area added to the live game  12. Max hit dummies spawned in building north of bank  13. Updated the home teleport to be closer to the teleporter  14. Changed spawn location for new players  15. Moved Krystilia to her correct spot aswell as emblem trader  16. Olm hands now require the correct combat styles to kill them  17. Fixed drop rate boosts, they should now work as intended  18. Raids drops have been reworked so you cannot get uniques as fast  19. All 3 prayer scrolls from raids now work and can be used to unlock prayers  20. While on a slayer task, if you're in the wilderness you can obtain a Larran's Key at 1/50 chance  21. Also while on a slayer task, wilderness or not, you have a 1/50 chance to get a brimstone key  
    • Vorkaths home area first server to have the mimic boss  first server to have elf city (prifddinas)  Wintertodt
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